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SRB Spotlight

Joe Wiebel

We are thankful for our October Monthly Spotlight recipient, Joe Wiebel!

Joe was born in Stratton Colorado, on a farm, during a blizzard. The doctor could not get there so his grandmother and neighbor delivered him.

Joe served with the United States Air Force prior to marrying. His career was in the oil and gas industry as a sales manager throughout various areas of the western U.S. Joe married his wife Darlene in 1957 in Cortez Colorado and they were married for 55 years prior to her passing in 2012. They have six children, four boys and two girls; with eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren!

Joe is passionate about his faith, children, family, friends, community, politics, and helping others. He has many hobbies including woodworking, fishing, tinkering, repairing furniture for family and friends, and he loves to dance! Some other activities he likes doing, as well, is walking, BS'ing, spending time with his children, eating with friends, and birdwatching.

Joe moved to Broomfield in 1984 and has lived here for 36 years. He is a very active member of the Broomfield community mostly through the Broomfield Senior Center and the woodworking shop, as well as, the Veteran's Museum. The activities he enjoys most at the BCC, are the woodshop, community lunches, and using EasyRide to get around. Joe especially enjoys having coffee and conversations before, during, and after events with all of his friends. Some services he would love to see added to the new Senior Center would be monthly dances and services for the blind. Examples would be; art, pottery, and painting.

His advice for the youth today is; listen and be respectful of your parents, go to church, be active within the community and your school. Realize now that nothing in life is ever free. Live by the laws, be respectful of your elders, as hopefully, you will be one too someday. It's very important to achieve good grades and continue higher education to become a contributing member of society.

This month we celebrate Joe and applaud him for his lifetime of achievements!


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