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Spotlight | December 2020

Teryl Fabry SRB Executive Director

was highlighted in the December issue of “Our Broomfield Magazine!"

Here is the link to the magazine (page 36)

Here is the full article text:

Teryl Fabry: Committed to Enriching Life for Broomfield’s Seniors By Bette Erickson

On a warm and bright November afternoon, I had the opportunity to chat with Teryl Fabry, executive director of Senior Resources of Broomfield (SRB). For those of you who may not know her, Ms. Fabry exudes a calmness that perfectly couples with her commitment to bettering the lives of aging adults in our community. When it comes to compassion and improving outcomes for our neighbors, compassion mustn’t only apply to people who have less than us, Ms. Fabry and I both agreed. Compassion should apply to everyone who could use a little help and understanding – which is to say, everyone. So, Ms. Fabry and I shared with each other some of the ways Broomfield residents can help their neighbors this month and beyond. During the holiday season, and really throughout the year in Broomfield, residents of all ages, abilities, and income levels are known to give where they can. Often that includes giving to seniors and the organizations that serve them. SRB is a great place to invest your charitable donations if helping aging seniors is your priority. I asked Ms. Fabry what is the best thing about her job as executive director of SRB: She replied, “There are so many good things. How do I choose just one? I love being able to help our seniors. I’m passionate about advocating for older adults. They should be celebrated, appreciated and valued.” When asked how the Broomfield community can best contribute to seniors this upcoming holiday, Ms. Fabry suggested donations to SRB (www.broomfieldseniorresources. org) are always much appreciated and put to good use. “Another way to give that I like, is that SRB is partnering with the City in what’s dubbed a ‘Pick Me Up’ program,” Ms. Fabry explained. The program identifies older adults that may be struggling and has a volunteer call them and ask what they would like. Ms. Fabry prepares a greeting card and items such as handmade fleece blankets made by Girl Scouts, cherry pies, or jigsaw puzzles, for example. Ms. Fabry then delivers the gifts to recipients each Friday. This program is a part of Broomfield’s Community Resources led by program coordinator Michael Navarro (contact Mr. Navarro at For more information about how to contribute, go to “It’s about meeting seniors where they are and helping them live the best life they can,” explained Ms. Fabry. “They are modest and humble unlike so many others today.” One recent example of how Ms. Fabry looks out for others is in October she organized a socially-distant community celebration recognizing a Broomfield resident’s 104th birthday. (For privacy concerns, his name is omitted.) Dozens of people, including representatives from the police and fire departments, the Veteran’s Museum, Senior Resources of Broomfield, and elsewhere, contributed gifts and good wishes to the former WWII Veteran. Improving the lives of aging adults in Broomfield continues to be an important conversation that many community stakeholders are having. According to Broomfield’s 2018 Successful Aging Study, Colorado’s State Demographer projects the number of city and county residents over the age of 60 is expected to more than double, growing from some 10,650 in 2015 to a projected 24,540 residents by 2040. Bette Erickson serves on the Board of Directors of Senior Resources of Broomfield. Contact her at

Our Broomfield Magazine - December 2020

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