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Connie turns 100

Happy 100th birthday Connie. Senior Resources of Broomfield collected over 100 birthday cards from our amazing Broomfield community and brought them to her birthday party. She had a great time opening them and reading everyone’s messages.

SRB highlights this month a lovely Broomfield centenarian, Connie! Connie turned 100-years old earlier this month. She and her late husband, Joseph were married 62-years before his death. They raised four children (2 boys, 2 girls) and she has nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

When she was younger, her daughter Mary Fran says Connie was an athlete, having played competitive basketball in high school and was an avid bowler into her 70s. Connie enjoys music and used to sing the blues on stage and enjoyed all kinds of dancing.

The secret to Connie’s longevity is obviously her optimism. She said she doesn’t remember a lot of bad times, even though there were some hard times. She loves living her life, is how her daughter best describes her.

Article written by Bette Erickson SRB board member


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