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Mountain Cabin


Adult Programs



In partnership with Broomfield Senior Services, we help bring a bit of joy to a senior in need by filling their wish list.


SRB works with the Community to help fill senior's Christmas lists and celebrate the spirit of giving.

Busy Blankets

SRB works with our creative volunteers to make blankets filled with sensory items to help older adults who have Dementia/Alzheimer's.  Some older adults may show anxiety and agitation through fidgety hands.  Sensory therapy or fidget toys are an effective way to reduce anxiety, calm nerves, and provide comfort.

SRB has Busy Blankets available, please let us know if you or someone you know needs one.  All donations are appreciated and tax-free.

Victor 104th Birthday 2020.jpg
Victor 104th Birthday 2020.jpg

Milestone Birthday Celebrations

Help SRB celebrate milestone birthdays in our Community. 


In the past few months, we have celebrated three women turning 100 and one gentlemen turning 104!

SRB iPad Program

Provides iPads, computer training and trouble-shooting support for 10 low-income seniors. The objective is to help combat isolation by connecting seniors online to family, friends, health and community services, social programs, and events. A particular focus is on youth volunteers engaging older adults in meaningful ways such as helping them understand the internet.

Senior Man Working from Home
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