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SRB Spotlight

Steve Higgins HD Wealth Strategies

Steven Higgins was born and raised right here in Broomfield. He watched his hometown grow from a small little town into an economic pillar of Metro Denver. Steven met his wife Pauline while in high school and nearly two decades later their oldest of three girls is starting her senior year at the same school! Pauline is a talented and passionate high school teacher. Anyone who knows Steven knows that he is very proud of his family; he and his wife love watching their girls grow, learn, and flourish in this beautiful town.

As Broomfield has seen commanding growth and scale, we as a community have been able to maintain a sense of familiarity that both honors our roots and embraces many new families. Steven and Pauline have been very intentional about staying here in Broomfield. They want their family to be raised here and they want their business to be here as well.

Steven has always felt a sense of responsibility to serve Broomfield. As a past president of The Broomfield Rotary and the Broomfield Rotary Foundation, he was able to engage in development projects with leaders of Broomfield Non-profits such as Broomfield FISH, A Precious Child, Broomfield Friends, and of course SRB (Senior Resources of Broomfield.) Steven is so proud of the incredible network of difference makers here in Broomfield!

Currently Steven is serving on the VALE (Victim Advocacy & Law Enforcement) Board for the 17th Judicial District. Working with the organizations that serve victims of crimes in our community has truly been an eye-opening experience and he has grown to better understand the range of challenges and struggles that our neighbors experience.

Steven has been fortunate to have been able to get to know so many different people through the organizations he’s been involved with. If he could sum it all up, he would say that Broomfield certainly isn’t perfect, but it is a wonderful, strong community and the people here are really good.

Steven has worked as a financial advisor for nearly 20 years. Ten years ago, he made the best business decision he ever made when his business partner, Allie Schmidt and himself decided to start their firm, HD Wealth Strategies. Allie shares a strong sense of community and together they both believe that the success of a business is more than the bottom line. A business should be intentional about doing what is right for the clients, their employees, and for the community. Allie and Steven agree that their firm should reflect their beliefs and attitudes about what is most important to them. At HD Wealth Strategies. they serve individuals and families that have been fortunate to have been successful and prosperous. Through income planning, tax planning, investment management and legacy planning they get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the details and values of their clients. They are most certainly in the business of celebrating financial success but are also conscious that the sobering reality is that many people in our Broomfield community don’t have enough resources and opportunities.

The fastest-growing demographic in Colorado are people over 80 years old and people are living much longer. In Broomfield County, the life expectancy for someone age 65 is over 20 years, significantly longer than the national average. The increased longevity is great, but it increases the strain on limited personal financial resources that need to provide for people living in retirement for a long time. The truth is, there are more and more older adults living in Broomfield that are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to manage the costs of transportation, food, medical, and dental care.

SRB (Senior Resources of Broomfield) is unique in Broomfield as our single mission is to serve low income older adults and enhance the quality of life for this vibrant and important demographic in our community. HD Wealth Strategies is proud to work with and support such an outstanding organization that aligns so well with their values. We are so thankful to Steven Higgins and HD Wealth Strategies for partnering with SRB!

If you would like to be a part of our Corporate Family or as an Individual Partner with SRB, please contact us. You can help SRB make a difference in the life of a Broomfield older adult today!!


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